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National Hui

In one day, I will be attending the Ministry of Fisheries National Hui.  A hui is a meeting at a marae or local meeting place of the Maori.  I am really excited because I will be getting to experience more of the Maori culture, learn about fisheries issues and their viewpoints, plus I don’t really know what to expect.  See I am catching a flight from Wellington to Auckland, then we will all carpool over to the marae, and then the meetings start.  But within the marae we will also eat together  and sleep on the floor together in a large room.  This should be interesting I think, but I’m ready for the experience.  I just hope I can get to sleep.  The meetings last pretty much from 10-8pm Wednesday and Thursday and until about 3pm on Friday.  I’ve learned that I need to learn the Ministry of Fisheries waiata (song) along with several others to sing at the meetings with everyone else.  The language it is sung in is also Maori so I need to learn how to pronounce everything so I don’t stand out like a sore thumb…lol.  Then at one point I guess, everyone goes around and gives a 2-5 minute speech or mihi about where your from.  Usually it is done in Maori, so I am going to try to put together this speech and learn how to say it in Maori.  Wish me luck!

Within all my work and travels, I’ve also been writing my AWR.  It has been fantastic learning so much, but recently I haven’t had access to the internet outside of work so it’s been quite difficult to continue my progress.  But it is moving along quite well.  Have a nice day!


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