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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Last Day of SiP

I’m really gutted about having to leave this wonderful place.  I’ve enjoyed every moment of my Semester in Practice and have learned so much.  But I know that I’ve got to come back to VLS to finish up my last year, and then who knows what will come next.  I may even come back to New Zealand […]

Almost There

If you want to experience three seasons in one week-move to Vermont!  Monday and Tuesday were spring, Wednesday and today were winter (including snow!) and this weekend is going to be summer.  What a crazy week! Because it is the last week of school and I am swamped, the weird weather doesn’t bother me.  I […]

All roads

In less than twenty, the class of 2010 will cross the threshold, commenced by the toss of a hat and the promise of unchartered territories. Diplomas will change the agreements into contracts on potential. All roads lead to completion.  Sit in a class, interview and wait for more days than you knew you could.  Take […]

1L year- part 1

So… I have been so busy that I totally forgot about this blog.  Last semester was a blur.  I worked so hard!  It certainly paid off, however, I realize now that a lot of the work I did was pointless.  First semester I briefed EVERY case for EVERY class.  While this may work for some, […]


It is surprising that I have not been more involved with Alliance my first year.   With all my pining for a gay community, and whining over there not being much of one here, I was not very much involved, especially first semester.  I guess it is what comes with the big adjustment. I knew […]


This past week I had a big decision to make.  I was given with the opportunity to work at two of the clinics at school this fall, and I had to choose which one would be best for me.  It was a hard decision, because with the economy the way it is I feel like […]

The Home Stretch…..

Last week I gave my first law school oral argument.  It was both terrifying and exhilarating.  Terrifying because public speaking is a fear of mine.  Exhilarating because it went better than I could have ever expected.  I do not think I could have said that a few short weeks ago.  It really is amazing what […]

It’s Off to Court

Today, I headed to district court to see two Ministry of Fisheries prosecutors in action.  When I got to the court, there were so many people around along with news crews and lawyers.  All the lawyers had suitcases which were probably for the exhibits in their cases.  I met the prosecutors and they introduced me to the 3 fishery officers […]

Clean Air

Okay…I thought it was spring, but it has been raining, sleeting, or snowing for two days now, and it snowed earlier in the week. At least the air is clean, if foggy with precipitation.

Losing track of time…

I have been seriously slacking on blogging this semester.  I am afraid that this semester is much more demanding than last.  I have come up with a statement that sums of my frame of mind reflecting back on the past few months: “Whoever said that the first semester of law school was the hardest clearly […]