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Planning Ahead

Yesterday I began the registration process for my last year of law school.  I can’t believe it-one year from now I will be a few months away from taking the bar exam!  I am very excited for my last year.  During the fall semester, I hope to work in one of the clinics offered at the school.  Although I will get experience during my internship this summer, the more experience I graduate with, the better.  Luckily, Vermont Law offers a variety of ways to get legal experience without leaving campus.  My spring semester will consist of almost all bar courses.

The weather the last few days has been gorgeous.  I’m hoping that it is an indication of a beautiful summer.  I may be swamped with homework, but each day I make sure to take a walk and enjoy the sites.  We have chickens roaming around the yard, turkeys who come down from the forest everyday, and a pond filled with tadpoles and frogs.  Our apartment is perfect in that it is only 10 minutes from campus, but provides the seclusion that makes studying easier and more enjoyable.


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