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Getting Harder to Breathe

My classes have monopolized my creative thought process to the point at which I can no longer come up with  a witty blog title. It appears as if work is slowly creeping into both my sleeping and eating time. I had a chance to get away last weekend for a day, I went down to New York to visit a an old friend and beloved college roommate. It was certainly relaxing. She has these two fantastic dogs that are equally fun to play with. More importantly, I got some good face-time in with an old friend and her parents made sure I left well fed.

The 1Ls had a ConLaw debate today, prep for which took up a good portion of my weekend. I was so impressed by the poise of those chosen. I am inspired by my peers to try harder. I hear echos of my sentiments that it seems to be a rough time right now, but students still come ready to talk law which is great.

Thankfully, the weather has been fantastic. Looking outside at sunshine and walking home in a balmy 60 degrees is uplifting. I hope the sun continues to shine, it’s definitely helping me get through this week.


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