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Auckland Regional Office Visit & Fisheries Patrol

Tank and Ana

Fisheries Officers at the Auckland Regional Office Visit

Lately, I’ve been really lucky to have some amazing opportunities with the Ministry.  After the National Hui, I traveled on the weekend, but then I was able to work with my Supervisor to arrange a visit to the Auckland Office.  So I traveled from downtown Auckland to the regional office in one of the suburbs.  Once I got to the office, I went around with my Supervisor to meet all the regional staff, learned about what they were working on along with my Supervisor getting updates on various issues.  I even met a prosecutor and sat in a meeting with them about a court case.  When I arrived the manager of the regional office worked with the Fisheries Officers to see if they would take me on a fisheries patrol around Auckland and the outlying areas. 

What do you know!  I got to go on a patrol with two Fisheries Officers, Ana and Tank.  This was amazing.  They showed me how they do their jobs, what it takes, and I asked a ton of questions.  They also showed me the local area along with their shed with all the seized materials that were awaiting trial to determine what would occur with everything.  Once I got back, we had a meeting with several people about an information request and then met with a local iwi about a maitai reserve that is in the process of being established. 

From this experience, I learned so much about what the regional offices do, how they do it, and the struggles they are presented with on a daily basis which is different from the issues in the Head Office. 

Now, I’m back with no travel work plans in store for me.  But you know what’s really funny?  Since I was away for about 1.5-2 weeks from a computer and busy traveling that I didn’t make contact with my parents, sister or my sorority (who I usually contact once a week if not more).  Guess what they thought – they thought something had happened to me.  So when I got back into the office this past Tuesday (since Monday was a holiday), I saw an email from my sister stating “URGENT.”  I read it and they were super worried about me.  So I called my dad right away so everything is all set.  They know I’m doing well and in good health, but then he tells me that some woman called.  I thought I knew who it was, but I confirmed it today as being one of the ladies in my sorority.  She was worried since she hadn’t gotten emails for 2 weeks – I guess that shows how many emails and that I communicate a lot 🙂 

Well all is well.  I’ve only got 3 more weeks left at the Ministry and then a week of personal travel so I’m starting to plan this time accordingly to make sure I don’t miss out on any opportunities that may arise.


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