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This past week I had a big decision to make.  I was given with the opportunity to work at two of the clinics at school this fall, and I had to choose which one would be best for me.  It was a hard decision, because with the economy the way it is I feel like one wrong move could hurt my chances of getting a job in the future.  I am so happy to say I will be working at the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic this fall.  It will be a perfect extension of what I am working on this summer, and more chances for me to practice environmental law.

By next week I should have my plans for the summer finalized, so hopefully I can blog about them soon.  I’ve changed around my schedule a few times for next year, I really want to fit in all the classes I want to (and need to) take, but it is impossible to take them all.  We have a week and a half of classes left, and then finals.  It will probably be an intense few weeks.


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