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Almost There

If you want to experience three seasons in one week-move to Vermont!  Monday and Tuesday were spring, Wednesday and today were winter (including snow!) and this weekend is going to be summer.  What a crazy week!

Because it is the last week of school and I am swamped, the weird weather doesn’t bother me.  I have three more classes, one paper, and four finals, then my 2L year is finished.  I am looking forward to a vacation with my husband-we are considering our options, but we are leaning toward Maine.  I’ve only been to the ocean once despite the fact that I live only a few hours away, and I need to make up for lost time.

Over the summer, I will be interning for the Center for Biological Diversity.  I have some really interesting projects I will be working on.  I am still looking for somewhere to volunteer for the month between my internship and the beginning of the Fall semester.  I am really excited about finally getting some legal experience!


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