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Last Day of SiP

I’m really gutted about having to leave this wonderful place.  I’ve enjoyed every moment of my Semester in Practice and have learned so much.  But I know that I’ve got to come back to VLS to finish up my last year, and then who knows what will come next.  I may even come back to New Zealand for my first legal job.  We shall see though.  Every moment and opportunity has been a learning experience.  I feel that I have a broader understanding of what a lawyers role is in society, how they work with clients and how to act and work like a lawyer.  I also learned about similarities and differences between US and NZ law.  It’s my last day and I’m really sad to leave this place and all the people who I’ve been working with over the past 15 weeks.  I hope we stay in touch 🙂  Well off to traveling back to the States…


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