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Monthly Archives: May 2010

One Week Down

The first week of my internship is complete!  It is a far different experience from anything I’ve had before.  While driving an hour and a half to get there makes for a long commute, my boss has been very flexible in scheduling.  Plus, the other interns start next week, and when we carpool, it will […]

In a name.

I write as an alumna of Vermont Law School.  One year after commencement,  I wade in the energy, reputation and opinion of a institution I know intimately.  I am not some voice from an ivory tower or an aggregator, distilling memes for profit.  I write with the bias of insight, the grit of experience and […]

Two More Days

Things accomplished=finished AWR and done Administrative Law exam.  Things to accomplish before Wednesday at 4 p.m.=Evidence final, finish and edit CERCLA and Family Law take home exams, and final meeting for AWR.  I am sure the next two days will go both quickly and excruciatingly slowly. One thing that has remained in the back of […]

We’re all in the Same Boat

Examination week is halfway over, and everyone is feeling the pain. I try to refrain from putting too much in my Facebook status about how much I study, or my lack of motivation, or even how awesome it feels to be done with any of the classes that I’ve already taken exams in because I […]

Finals Season

Last year, I had a whole week to prepare for my first finals. I had all of my outlines completed, and everything, though scary, was going to be fine. It probably helped that the weather was bitterly cold and there wasn’t a sun to speak of. Now? The weather is fantastic! I’m still not very […]

one flashcard at a time

There is something about this reading period.  I blame it on spring.  It is really hard to stay inside and pour over everything when it is so damn nice outside.  Luckily, you can go through flashcards outside. Everything is just as broken up as before.  End of the year parties, going away parties, study group […]