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one flashcard at a time

There is something about this reading period.  I blame it on spring.  It is really hard to stay inside and pour over everything when it is so damn nice outside.  Luckily, you can go through flashcards outside.

Everything is just as broken up as before.  End of the year parties, going away parties, study group meetings.  I think I have reached my limit.  Nothing feels better than cold hard studying, complete absorption into the subject.  Perhaps tomorrow will be the true beginning of that.

I daydream about summer.  Everything smells like summer camp, a physical reminder of what childhood felt like.  This will be my first summer without freedom.  Classes and a job.  But yesterday I learned that one of my friends use to be a fly fishing guide.  Now I have a way to use those gaiters I bought at the yard sale back in September.  See, it pays to go to these parties.

Sometimes I am bummed by how careful I have to be with my time, but at least I know I am not going to waste it.  In a property review session, I heard a professor quote Frank Sinatra, it has been sticking with me the last few days, more than most quotes do.  The last words he said to his doctor were, “Doc, you gotta live, because this dying thing – its a pain in the ass.”

Here is to living through this.


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