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We’re all in the Same Boat

Examination week is halfway over, and everyone is feeling the pain. I try to refrain from putting too much in my Facebook status about how much I study, or my lack of motivation, or even how awesome it feels to be done with any of the classes that I’ve already taken exams in because I do believe it falls under the “crazymaking” category. About six weeks ago, I did actually tell one of my really good law school friends that I was about to block her because of all her status updates about how much studying she was doing. She was mostly posting over Spring Break, which is suppose to be a brain break time, and there she was studying away like an awesome law school student while I was catching some sun and much needed family time in Texas! She thankfully stopped posting so often, and I think it has benefited everyone in the class.
So now I find it almost endearing that every law school buddy is posting “I have no motivation” in different and almost unique ways during this weekend break between the Friday exams and the Monday exams. This isn’t news, I mean, we’re all brain dead by this portion of the semester, so it feels good to know that there isn’t a single person in the class who has a motivated “edge” over the rest of us punks, who can’t seem to sit still in front of our books for more than 15 minutes at a time. No one is proverbially “rocking the boat” on FB, though maybe we do sound like a broken record. The most I’ve posted since reading week is “I’m playing with fake tattoos.” I have been playing with rub-on tattoos during my many moments of unmotivated weakness. By the end Wednesday morning, when my last final of my first year of law school commences, I think I’ll be fully sleeved!

Much like finals worries and the chaos of needing to know so very much in so short a time, the tattoos will wash away, quickly, and I’ll rarely think of them again.


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