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Two More Days

Things accomplished=finished AWR and done Administrative Law exam.  Things to accomplish before Wednesday at 4 p.m.=Evidence final, finish and edit CERCLA and Family Law take home exams, and final meeting for AWR.  I am sure the next two days will go both quickly and excruciatingly slowly.

One thing that has remained in the back of my mind the last few days is that next year at this time I will be preparing for graduation.    In some of my classes 3Ls are celebrating the end of their law school careers.  I am both envious of them and glad I am not in their shoes.  I know I really need the experience this summer and next year will bring before I am ready to leave.  If I learn half as much in the next year as I have in the past two, I will be ready for the “real world.”

Congratulations to all the class of 2010 graduates and good luck in your future endeavors!


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