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One Week Down

The first week of my internship is complete!  It is a far different experience from anything I’ve had before.  While driving an hour and a half to get there makes for a long commute, my boss has been very flexible in scheduling.  Plus, the other interns start next week, and when we carpool, it will be nice to have someone to talk to on the drive besides myself!

One of the first things I discovered this week was that I have become too complacent technology-wise.  Since my 9th grade computer course, the only program I use regularly is Microsoft Word to type my notes.  I learned rather quickly that I need a refresher course in other programs.  I wish I had come to this realization earlier!

So far I have done a lot of reading-FOIA documents, getting familiar with cases, etc….  I also have done some envelope stuffing and lots of faxing.  Mostly the practical stuff that I haven’t done in ages.  I’m looking forward to what next week brings!


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