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Vermont: most likely to secede

One of the better bumper stickers I have seen lately.

As I wait for my laundry to be done, I want to fit in a few words about summer in Vermont.

1) It is pretty rad.  The weather is nice, even though it has been toying with the idea of humidity.  At least I am not in the South or sorta South anymore, where I would be dying outside and living my life indoors with air conditioning.

2) This is mostly my own fault, but you will be busy.  I got a few jobs and am taking classes.  What was I thinking?  Gotta make that money, I guess.  If you aren’t a nut like me, you will probably have loads of time compared to the school year.  Make the most of it.  I don’t want to sound smug, but get rid of your tv.  Basic cable sucks here, and getting the good stuff is expensive unless you are sharing it with a bunch of people.

3) Please swim in the river as much as possible.  In fact, don’t sit still unless you have a drink in your hand and you are sitting on a lawn chair somewhere.

Oh, don’t want that wet laundry to wait!


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