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Wrapping Up

Last time I got a chance to write a blog I just finished the first week of my internship.  Now I am practically done my internship.   I loved interning for the Center for Biological Diversity.  It was a great experience.  I worked on about five projects throughout my internship, and I enjoyed every one of them.  I wrote a lot of comment letters and a few reports.  I was surprised at the amount of detective work I did.  I received resistance from more people than I thought I would, but I probably should have expected it.  My biggest frustration is not being able to carry all the projects through to the end.  A few of the projects I worked on were in the very beginning stages, and I really wish I could be there until the end.  I got a chance to work with interns from Vermont Law School, and also interns from other schools.  I made a lot of contacts and learned a lot of practical knowledge.


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