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Exposure, and The End of Summer Term

The summer at this school is so awesome. There are still a lot of other students around, and even with the course load, there’s time to meet new professors and network with them. Yesterday, I went hiking with a visiting professor from Cambridge. We talked about legal theory, and the differences between U.S. and English law, culture, education, all while hiking Camel’s Hump (not the easiest of Vermont trails). She was very impressed with VLS, and how Dean Shields has brought so much to our little, isolated, campus.

She’s right too.  I’m finishing the summer terms with a course on European Union Environmental Law, and the professor is a big-to-do lawyer in Ireland. In my other summer classes, we’ve had visiting Journalist Fellows and teachers/professors from other colleges and universities. Every first Wednesday of a summer term, the school has hosted a beer and cheese meet-and-greet with all the new visiting, summer professors and fellows. There are so many people from all over the world who come to VLS to incorporate VLS theory into their own professions/classes, or to become part of the VLS experience. I’ve definitely benefited from the exposure.

And the summer is almost over. I have two more exams and then a real, honest to goodness, vacation from school studies. I’m going to have to work on internship applications, and I’ve already missed many deadlines, but I won’t have course work at the same time. Whoop! I think I’ll do some hiking, read a novel or two, and spend some time sleeping in. I may go to a movie theater, get caught up on important news, and write letters and emails to family and friends. I may bake a pie, and cook well-balanced, complex dinners! I am so excited, I can hardly wait.


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