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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Gaining a little perspective

So it’s beyond true that in the second year they work you to death. I’m exhausted. My planner is stock full of due dates and appointments. I can’t help but feel when I take time to do something non-law school related that there is always something I should be working on. And then the other […]

Wow, it’s been a month

I wrote a blog after my first week here and I meant to write one every Friday. Somehow 3 weeks have gone by without another post. I’ve officially survived law school for a month! A friend of mine and I were talking last Monday at the beginning of the week. She said she feels this […]

Tunbridge World Fair

Reoccurrences are the stuff traditions are made of.  It is often incumbent upon those before us to transmit the ingredients of what was, before we got here.  Not much happens here, as the end to a localized popular saying of “what happens in SoRo stays in SoRo” suggests, but there are traditions here, too.  Some […]

Coming to an End

Working as a commercial fisherman this summer has taught me more than I ever expected. It taught me patience, dedication, hard work, how to work long hours with little sleep, plus much more.  With commercial fishing, I stacked the lead line on the boat and was the cook.  I had to work just as hard […]

How is it almost October

I swear yesterday it was July. And then today I woke up and there were leaves on the ground and the day turns into twilight before Jeopardy’s over. I’ve been busier these three weeks then at any point first year. I’ve got three calendars keeping track of endless meetings and interviews. I even double-booked yesterday, […]

a moment of quiet

Second year is busy, especially if you spent your first year saying “yes” to every opportunity that came your way.  I take the greatest calm in scheduling my days, what I should have done last year, but I now look to as some look to meditation.  A grounding, of sorts. I revel in the crazy. […]

Mondo Monday

Tonight I enjoyed the first installment of the 1L Seminar Series at Vermont Law School.  Tonight’s seminar was “Public Citizenship and the Law” with Joel Cook, Executive Director and General Counsel for the Vermont National Education Association.  He shared his career experiences with us and illustrated the intersections between different sorts of politics and different sorts […]

Rainy with a chance of trespass on the case

The third week of my first year of law school is coming to a close, and I can’t decide whether these three weeks have felt like forever or like they havr passed in an instant.  One may characterize this as “long days and short weeks.”  This morning feels like it was years ago, and it’s […]


My first month at VLS has been incredible! Moving here from Kentucky with my wife, Sarah, and dog, Frankie, was life-altering for us all. However, just last week my wife (who first said she’d NEVER move to Vermont) now wants us to stay permanently! From the native Vermonters, to the warm faculty, to the incredible […]

A long summer swiftly closed

Outside, cool winds are blowing over the leaf sprinkled grass and rippling the surface of the White River.  The partly overcast day lets skylights of sun down to the earth to play over the hills and vales of South Royalton.  When the solar spotlight falls across the green outside the library windows the summer instincts […]