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workin’ at the library

As I expected, I am far behind in my list of things I set out to accomplish during this labor day weekend in South Royalton.  Here I sit in what could be the best of work-study positions here at the law school – the library circulation desk – with about 40 minutes I could be spending on homework, job searches, or that pesky email I have been putting off for over a week…

But here I am, in this dark alley of procrastination otherwise known as the JD Law Students Blog, yet again.  What could an obvious derelict student like myself have to say to those looking to get smart about this law school game?

Easy: get a work-study job, preferably one that allows you to do your homework, or just as necessary at times, vegetate in front of a computer screen.

Not that this job is a total cakewalk, by any means.  Professionalism is expected, and there is a lot that goes into running a law library, and it is cool to learn and be part of the process.  Through my work responsibilities at the library, I come across so many books and articles that I will never have time to read, but happy to know of their existence if and when the opportunity comes.

I may be biased, as my mother is a recently-retired reference librarian.  We share a fondness for free, accessible information in all its mediums.  Just this evening I thought about what it would be like to go get my masters in library science (MLS) and work in this field.  But then I thought, “Dana, more grad school?” and carried on.

This year, I am a TA for Cynthia Lewis, one of the librarians and professors of the research class for 1Ls.  I really like getting to know the new class, and being able to help them out with research, navigating the library, and life in South Royalton, in general.  Another excellent work-study position!

So, moral of this entry-as-procrastination is thus: from day one, even if you are prohibited as a 1L from work-study, start hustling in order to secure a position for the following year.  Make that money, get that experience.  Another day, another dollar.


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