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Getting the best out of this.

So the second week of law school comes to an end, and I must say it has been a little overwhelming! Despite that, the VLS community has been great with getting us acquainted with professors, upperclass students, and the beautiful campus itself. Since VLS has so much to offer, and since law school itself can be demanding, the best and maybe most important aspect of this experience so far, is learning how to manage your time. From briefing and studying cases, to extra curricular activities, law school really gets you thinking about your priorities which brings me to my next point.

I’ve noticed right away that it is so easy to become active in different areas of interest here at VLS! Whether it be volunteering at the Vermont Law School’s Civil Litigation, attending the Student Bar Association meetings, joining the women’s rugby team, joining sports clubs, going to local events or supporting local farmers, engaging in different activities is a great way to relieve yourself from some of the stress that can come along with school work. Getting involved is also a great way to network and get to know your fellow classmates, and to see what else VLS has to offer (besides their brilliant, engaging classes.)

Another one of the many great things about VLS which is worth noting are the professors, who really make the classes so interesting. They are noticeably engaged in the material, extremely intelligent, enthusiastic about teaching, and best of all, easy to approach. Above all of that, you can tell that they want to be here, and they want us to really learn from them, and in turn, succeed. As I continue on the journey of law school surrounded by mountains where the leaves are starting to transform into beautiful colors,  I am constantly reassured that the entire community here at VLS will support me as I learn, adapt to the demands of law school, set my priorities, and pursue my goals.