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Mondo Monday

Tonight I enjoyed the first installment of the 1L Seminar Series at Vermont Law School.  Tonight’s seminar was “Public Citizenship and the Law” with Joel Cook, Executive Director and General Counsel for the Vermont National Education Association.  He shared his career experiences with us and illustrated the intersections between different sorts of politics and different sorts of law that one may run into.  He also shared stories and words of wisdom that he has gained through his amazing and interesting career.   I’m glad that Vermont Law School hosts events such as these seminars that provide valuable opportunities for students to enrich themselves.  I am planning to attend all of the seminars within this series, so long as I am able to complete my schoolwork.  If you’re still uncertain, maybe the pizza and adult beverages served will sway your opinion.  But maybe I shouldn’t mention that, since I think that these seminars are invaluable for their content and believe that this alone should be enough to convince people to attend.  With that, I was really disappointed and embarrassed that more people were not there but since this is the first event of the series and it appears that there a few kinks to work out along with today being a busy Monday, I guess I can understand.  On the plus side, the small crowd created a more personal experience for attendees.  Overall, I would have to say that today was an interesting Monday between the seminar, the start of Student Bar Association elections, and my being one of three lead interviewers interviewing a client during Civil Procedure.


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