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Coming to an End

Working as a commercial fisherman this summer has taught me more than I ever expected. It taught me patience, dedication, hard work, how to work long hours with little sleep, plus much more.  With commercial fishing, I stacked the lead line on the boat and was the cook.  I had to work just as hard as the three men on the boat even though I was the smallest and newest out of all of them.  I adjusted pretty well, but there were days where it was just tough being a woman on a commercial fishing boat.  I think I just needed to talk to a good friend every once in a while since all the guys were Even though, commercial fishing wasn’t a “legal” job I think it helped me understand the Alaska lifestyle since I am planning to take the bar in Alaska this July.  Now that I am about a month into school, I really miss fishing and the people I was around all summer.  It was a very close-knit community.  I am hoping to get a clerkship in this location or nearby – wish me luck!

Big Catch

I am glad to be back at school.  I had quite a bit of adjusting to do though since I’ve been away from Vermont since December 2010.  It felt like everything and everyone had changed.  But I have gotten back to attending student group meetings, being involved and hanging out with my friends when I’m not working or doing school work.  I find that since I’ve returned, I am really focused on my work and school more than ever.  I guess this is great since it is my last year and I could use a great last year to help me find a job.  Well off to class…


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