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Keeping Up

This semester has been quite laid back compared to the last three years that I’ve been here.  It seems that since I’ve gotten back from my semester in practice and summer that I have a different mind-set.  Instead of “worrying” about every little thing and making it seem like a “big deal,” now I just do it and I don’t really think twice about it.  So with this new and improved mind-set, I’ve had time for basically everything that I want or need to do.  I’m very involved, up-to-date on all my classes, and I take plenty of recreation and personal time throughout the week.   Overall, I am still grateful that I took the semester in practice because it really helped me to put everything in perspective and made me realize my priorities in life. 

Right now, I’ve been applying for jobs and trying to stay one-step ahead with preparing for the bar.  My goal is to hopefully have at least one job offer by Decemeber.  Let’s see if I can make that work.  🙂  This weekend is fall break so it will give me plenty of time to look for and apply for jobs along with outlining for my classes.


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