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Fall Break

Walking late to our last class before fall break, my friend Theo and I were lamenting about how the recent heavy rains have brought down most of the celebrated fall colors in Vermont.  But today, making a familiar trip up to Burlington with the music blasting and daydreaming to my heart’s content, the brilliance of the mountains struck me, demanding that I admire their fleeting beauty.

It has been the fall break to stay around town and enjoy the beautiful sunny days, although it does not make for a supportive studying environment!  Still, I have managed to tie a few knots, trying to make the most of what will be a lifetime of “working vacations.”

Currently, I am at Uncommon Grounds in Burlington, mad libbing cover letters and other matters that have a hard time making the front burner most days.  This evening I will meet up with an old friend to make dinner at her place, and catch up at her peaceful apartment, or go out for a brew in town.  I have always enjoyed trips to Burlington, a chance to be around friendly strangers and be reminded of life beyond a small law school campus.  I recommend VLS students making friends with folks outside of school, not just to keep one in touch with reality, but also have a friendly place to visit when the opportunity arises.

Ah, my cup is almost empty.  There will always be more appellate and cover letters for me to do, but I see the sunlight filtering through on the opposite side of the cafe.  Clearly, a walk to admire this day is in order before I find another cafe to continue my chores.

Enjoy yourselves!



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