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Its been a while

So I cannot believe I waited this long to write my first post. Actually, I can. My time has been usurped by the appellate powers that be and all other things that keep a 2L busy. So really jounral notes and appellate.

Its an odd evolution from the first year when reading was so important. Not that reading isn’t important now, but I feel like it takes up far less of my time relative to other committments.

It has been hard to focus of late because of the fantastic fall weather. After last year I am aware of the impending cold and ice, which makes me appreciate the sun that I get now. I recently had a fantastic trip to Burlington, I assume many have visited already, but for those who have not, I recommend it, seriously, two thumbs up. The shops are amazing and the waterfront is great, mostly because they ahve swings on the boardwalk, and who doesn’t love a good swing?

Also a new 2L discovery-ginger beer from the co-op…amazing, and a fantastic addition to morning tea.

So hooray for a new year and new discoveries, now onward.


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