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Midterms Already?

I still can’t believe it is my 3L year.  I am taking 16 credits, which really feels like a lot more, but I am enjoying working at the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic and the diversity between my three different classes (Corporations, Ecology of Food and Agriculture, and Legal Profession) keeps things interesting.

We just finished Fall Break.  Unfortunately, I had a deadline so I only had one day to get away, but it was a fun day.  My husband and I drove to Rutland, which was a pretty drive through the Killington area.  The fall foliage is gorgeous as usual.  Lately, every time I drive by the covered bridge down the road from my apartment I see someone taking a picture of it.  It is really nice to be able to take something like a covered bridge for granted when some people will never get to see one in their lifetime.

The Clinic keeps me busy, but I am enjoying it.  The staff attorneys are all really great to work with.  I was fortunate to be assigned cases in environmental law areas I am interested in, and I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in these cases.  Each case gives me more experience in a different area-wading through administrative code, writing client memos, and reading hundreds of pages of material to find the one quote that could make your case.



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