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Are we there yet?

So apparently we are halfway through the semester. This realization hit me not 10 minutes ago as I was taking a break from my appellate monstrosity that I am supposed to turn into a coherent brief.  I definitely feel less stressed than I expected, but this may be due in part to sleep deprivation. I am really looking forward to Casino Night and later Halloween festivities. VLS students know how to take fantastic study breaks and if the fun is anything like last year it will provide a much-needed distraction.

I’m thinking of calling it a night, some days you just need to take the hit and resolve to be more productive tomorrow. I think whats great is that I have the support and camaraderie of friends and fellow students. It’s nice to be able to commiserate about appellate or have a friend distract you with  *important* debates such as whether pumpkin spice coffee is truly coffee or some candy/drink hybrid created to lure law students away from heavily caffeinated beverages.


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