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a ppell ppell ppellate!

I will throw in my two cents on appellate, in light of previous posts by my peers.

Writing is a grueling task.   Research is always more time consuming than you thought it would be.  As of right now, my rough draft that is due tomorrow is a hot mess. But it exists, goddamnit.  I am a firm believer in finishing ugly on a rough draft so that you can nurture it into a beautiful swan in the redrafting process.  That is where the magic happens.

The first draft is like giving birth to a screaming bloody baby, where you suffer so much pain during the process that you curse getting knocked-up in the first place, and your baby product looks all scrunched up and kind of ugly.  This simile is lost at this point, because most moms love their baby right from the start, even if it is wrinkled ugly bloody and crying.  I doubt I or anyone else has ever had the same unconditional love for their first draft, much less the thing I am going to turn in tomorrow.

What we have all felt after a big looming deadline is relief, and a means for celebration.  I guess that applies to giving birth, as well.  I think I will celebrate with a beer and a nap.


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