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“VLS does not endorse or oppose any particular view or position on this matter. This should not be construed as the school’s endorsement of, opposition to, any particular view on this subject.”

I love our disclaimer; it allows everyone to participate in the free-for-all that is free speech and the political process while protecting the school’s non-profit status.  While it’s nice to have such freedom, it can be a bit awkward and/or intimidating at times when you feel as if you are in the minority and don’t always agree with what you perceive as an extremist majority.  Or at least a majority thinking everyone agrees with it or that everyone with sense should.  But again, it’s nice to hear all of the different views people have as no one is stifled.

Tonight was the much discussed Gubernatorial Candidates’ Debate.  I’m glad the issues with the event being held at VLS were taken care of.   I had written a much more lengthy post but have decided to keep my observations to myself on the topic and will instead wait to see how elections and politics pan out.

I don’t mind putting political concerns on the back burner for now with many other more imminent and pressing tasks to take care of.  We’re almost to November and midterms are finished; there are open memos to work on and finals creeping towards us.  I need to find a new apartment to lease and move, go home to New York probably five weekends before January, and get through school.  I try to keep up with my extracurricular activities (I just updated my resume and realized how many I participate in, it was a surprise).  Christmas is less than two months away.  Meanwhile many weakened immune systems are evidenced and the weather stays extremely inconsistent. No wonder I question where serenity has gone some days.

Hopefully this weekend will be filled with pumpkin carving, productive research, successful apartment hunting and a chance to take a breather but somehow I suspect that I’ll voyage to a funeral in Massachusetts given a particular death from yesterday. Every weekend presents unexpected challenges, changing it from a weekend to something that just is the midpoint of one really long week.  Or one of many connectors within an even longer “week.”

Why is January not here yet?


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