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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Come celebrate with me…

So here’s how it goes, in a twenty minute period you go from feeling like you’re going to throw up, to riding cloud nine. And that is the jist of your final appellate argument. At 8:15 I walked into the Courtroom with a stomach full of butterflies and at 9:30 I walked out feeling with […]

Daunting December

Serenity has to be put on hold for December; it’s time to panic.  If the end of classes and final exams were all I had ahead of me in December, I wouldn’t mind and wouldn’t be very worried.  Having to go home three weekends in December, pack up an entire apartment of stuff, and move […]

Dispute Resolution Society – Competition Winners. Part III – Mediation Round

We had a break for lunch, so we grabbed some of the provided sandwiches and dashed back to the hotel to prep for the mediation round that afternoon. We knew this was our weakest area of expertise as all three of us had mediator qualifications, but none of us had ever been an advocate at […]

Book Rec’s

Just finished reading the following books: Ivy Briefs – True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student BY Martha Kimes Lawyerland BY Lawrence Joseph I recommend both titles. I thought the books were very insightful, and I enjoyed them.

Thanksgiving is Now Over

Thanksgiving is now over, and I am excited to say that the semester will shortly be coming to an end. Over the weekend we got an inch of snow, and I am not looking forward to the winter driving conditions in Vermont. I do love sitting down in front of the fire to do my […]


Thank you Thanksgiving for coming just the time when I most needed a break!  Even though we only have two days off (plus the weekend), it is great timing for a refreshing break before finals.  The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic is keeping me super busy, but every time I put in an extra […]

Thanksgiving at VLS

Unable to go home for Thanksgiving, several 1Ls got together to celebrate Thanksgiving together. In the basement of a neighborhood landlord, 20 students and their partners sat together in celebration of a wonderful year together. The meal was spectacular, with everyone contributing something influenced by their own holiday traditions. Being a true southerner, my wife […]

Turkey Day Success!

So my first official Thanksgiving was, in my opinion a huge success. I mean, I definitely could have used some more guests, but with that minor exception, it went off without a hitch. It was awesome to take two complete days off from school and just relax. Plus, indulging in a totally glutenous meal isn’t […]

two cents on outlining

Will I ever master outline formating on microsoft word? Probably not.  I hope that won’t be a necessary work skill down the road. It seems this program never wants to do what I want it to do.  Why?  All I want is order, alignment, and recognizable pattern like the next person!  I swear I spend more […]

My First Thanksgiving

After a somewhat unfortunate run-in with the H1N1 flu at the Thanksgiving dinner table last year, I’m getting ready to make up for it. I’m cooking my very first Thanksgiving dinner. While I’m super bummed to not be spending this turkey day with my family, especially because my mom just had surgery, I’ve taken solace […]