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Short Reflections

Unexpected phases of serenity are wonderful.  It’s already November 14th with due dates, finals, the holidays, and moving approaching yet I am serene.  I love being able to distance myself from everything, staying calm and detached while plowing through work.  Should I be feeling nervous?  Final memo assignment due Friday, new lease starting December 1, finals in a few weeks?  The answer is no.  No is justified by feeling in control and prepared.  My professors teach well, and want students to succeed – As long as I fulfill my end of the responsibilities, it should all work out well. I attend my classes, do my reading and assignments, actively think and engage myself.  I plan ahead and try my best.  Working at the best that I can and trying as hard as I can (even if I do sometimes run myself ragged with all of my commitments and responsibilities) comforts me, affording me the serenity of knowing that all that can be done has been done.  As much as I would like to achieve a constant sense of serenity, I don’t think that I’ll ever quite get it – Trying to do the best that I can doesn’t leave  much room for rest and keeps me busy trying to achieve the goals I’ve set.


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