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Update from the (library) trenches-

A mild November here in South Royalton.  Global warming makes for a dragged-out Indian Summer, with bare trees and green grass.

My prolonged celebration of finishing appellate clashed with the stark realization that I still have to outline for two courses, make a poster for another, and write a 20 page paper on some obscure subject, as well as apply to summer internships.  Yet, perhaps foolishly, I feel like I have my life back!

Oral argument was fine.  I had a hot bench, which is not an awesome thing like a hot buffet or a hot date.  A hot bench is a bunch of real-life lawyers who want to role-play as the tough judges they deal with on a daily basis.  Like my professor said, when it comes to oral argument, there is the one you practice, the only you have, and the one you think about afterwards.  I was haunted by the third argument for a few days, but with some distance between then and now, I feel pretty good about the second.

Dare say, I kinda miss appellate.  It gave my life a sense of urgency, an excuse to put everything on the back burner.  The excitement, the glamor!  Now it is back to me and the same old false security that everything will be a breeze from here.

That is one thing law school gives you, a higher tolerance for devoting all your time to the game.  When you get some of that time back, you have to remember what to do with it.  Ah! Write a blog entry!  Oh, hurrah! Oh, happy day! Procrastination, here I am! *kiss, kiss*

More than anything, I feel like dancing, or cooking, continuing to attend to the part of myself I ignored for a few weeks.  One thing I haven’t learned yet is keeping a constant balance, on a daily basis.  Do you have that?  How do you do it?

I really am half way there, now.



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