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Thanksgiving Nostalgia may not be a Thing to Dismiss

This is the second year that my fiance and I will not be traveling to be with family for Thanksgiving.  It’s just too expensive for such a short break.  But, I do get a little down when so many other people leave to be with their parents and siblings, which is strange. I love my family, but I’ve never missed them very much. Who would have thought Law School would make me nostalgic? I do know one thing that I missed last year and will miss again this year is being able to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My father always had the Parade on TV when I woke up on Thanksgiving morning.  But like many students up here, I have Netflix instead of cable. Unlike so many other students, I don’t even have the rabbit ears for my TV because the signals don’t come to my barn-house very well.  I suppose this is one of the things that I will look forward to when I move after Law School.

Not to be too nostalgic, we are cooking a lavish Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner for ourselves, and friends, and the chance for leftovers. I’ve also taken the time to decorate the house, which is something I really enjoy doing. Another Law School student said I was being very domestic as we chuckled, but the truth is that I do really enjoy building pride in my home in this way. It’s something that I miss being able to do much of the time, but my interior decorating hobbies are still something buried in me that I enjoy, and I have the guilty pleasure of receiving a Better Homes & Gardens magazine every month.

So here is where I come to some advice. I wrote this in a card to a 1L friend earlier this semester when she was having a difficulty time coping with some friends’ deaths back home on the West Coast, but it is true about the small things too: The things that were important before Law School are still important. This doesn’t change just because you are away from home or so busy with classes, although it seems that way. Family, friends, and those things that make you happy are still there;  they don’t need to be forgotten just because your focus changes.




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