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Thank you Thanksgiving for coming just the time when I most needed a break!  Even though we only have two days off (plus the weekend), it is great timing for a refreshing break before finals.  The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic is keeping me super busy, but every time I put in an extra long day or weekend hours, it reinforces that environmental law is what I want to practice because I truly enjoy it.  However, after a couple of long weeks, I really needed the break.  My husband and I traveled home, to upstate New York, and spent two days with our family and friends.

We have two weeks of classes left, then finals.  It makes me sad to think about handing my cases off to the spring student clinicians at the Clinic, I wish I could see all the cases through from beginning to end, but I understand that is impractical.  I have one in-class final for Corporations, and two take home finals.  Then, my final semester begins in the spring!


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