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Come celebrate with me…

So here’s how it goes, in a twenty minute period you go from feeling like you’re going to throw up, to riding cloud nine. And that is the jist of your final appellate argument. At 8:15 I walked into the Courtroom with a stomach full of butterflies and at 9:30 I walked out feeling with a doubt,  the most accomplishment I have felt in law school to date. It was a truly rewarding experience. My one piece of advice, don’t tell the Justice, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one your honor,”  just keep convincing them they should agree.

As I sat in Crossroads for my celebratory drink afterward, Scott, the bartender reminded me that it’s pretty much downhill from here. Completing your oral argument means finals are just around the corner and the half-way mark is within sight. But finals can wait. The night you argue your appellate case only comes once. It’s the end of an era and the completion of a true VLS right of passage. So tonight I celebrate a truly successful argument and close the file on my first real case.


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