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Monthly Archives: December 2010

More Lists: What I learned, and what I may never know

What a semester. It isn’t over yet; I still have two exams, but that will be the last of it. I’ve had a lot of rejection as I began my internship search earlier in the semester, and I’ve had some really great achievements, including a win in negotiation and a spot in Advanced Appellate Advocacy, […]

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (and finals update)

“This will allow gay and lesbian Americans to be called … what they want to be called, which is Americans — not gays or lesbians — who want to serve our country,” Joe Lieberman I-CT said. Dear America, it’s time. This silly back and forth is getting annoying. When we look back 50 years from […]

Sunflowers When We Rise . . .

Amy, a 2nd year student, asked me to post this on the JD blog.  Thanks for sharing with us all. Sunflowers When We Rise Reading period is true drudgery – the sifting and shoveling of endless information, the uncertainty.  I tend to have vivid dreams after intense study, and last year at this time, I […]

Posters posters everywhere

So I have a bit of an unconventional way of studying. I’m not sure where I picked it up or why, but I’m at my best surrounded by poster boards. I’m talking walls lined with poster boards. It’s been this way since first semester. It just works for me. The poster boards that are beginning […]

Rain rain…. Ice away.

It’s that time, finals begin in two days… and I don’t feel ready at all.  This entire weekend was devoted to moving, and I have no internet in the new apartment yet.  I had no time for schoolwork at all over the weekend and now have two reviews today, which I’m hoping will make me […]

Playing Catch Up

The end of class festivities were all they were cracked up to be. For the first time in years I woke up on the other side of noon this morning. Even after all that sleep, I still took a nap today too. I’m playing catch up on sleep after a whirlwind few days finishing up […]

Closer to the End

Today is my last day of classes for my last fall semester of school ever!  I’m really excited!  I cannot wait to graduate – only 162 days left.  I’ve been going to school straight since I’ve been 5 years old with breaks that always pertained to internships, semester in practice, etc.  So I’m really ready […]

One class and Two Exams

That’s what separates me from holiday break now that I’ve finished my note. For those who don’t know, as a staff member on either Law Review or Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (VJEL) your required to write a note, a 25 page comment with at least 100 footnotes and 25 sources, on a topic of […]

Egg on your Face

The expression of having “egg on your face” should definitely be of having “exploded egg all over the inside of your microwave” instead.  It’s much more fitting.  Just to let you know.

Sticking Snow Sticks!

Snow is finally sticking to the grass, the sidewalks, and the street.  Or at least at 7:14 am it’s sticking.  It’s still flurrying out but I cleaned off my part of the side-walk earlier (Or really, not my part but the part in front of my apartment plus a little more to be nice).  It’s […]