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Where We Could Do Better

Life in Vermont has been fabulous and Vermont Law School has been quite the place of friendship and the usual challenges of studies.  Overall, I have enjoyed my classes and the lectures on public citizenship organized exclusively for first year law students.

Life is great and all, but there is one aspect of Vermont Law School that has been a little disappointing for me.  I do not think enough consideration was given to the exercise facility before now.  Every time I enter the gym, I feel like I just enrolled into some underground revolutionary force training camp.  Let’s just say among all other areas, the gym has not been at the height of things to do.

However, there is hope!  Many students have raised their voices, and in one of the fine aspects of a small school, someone actually listens.  The news around town is that we are on course for a new state of the art gym in a couple of years.  I am waiting for the crank!

Many might think that a gym is just a luxury, but in my thinking, an exercise facility is as important to an academic setting as a library.  Our entire body is engaged in active function when we study; it is therefore necessary to keep those organs in active check.  While taking a hike is one of the greatest aspects of South Royalton, it is also necessary to sometimes do some lapses in an indoor pool or do the “selassie” on a treadmill to clear the mind from stories of mind-boggling tortfeasors.

But until then, we would have to make do with bumping into each other around our metal plates and treadmills in the good old spirit of Vermont.  To my fellow heavyweights, you don’t have to say “sorry, but can I use that,” all the time.  I think we all understand the constraints by now.



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