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Sticking Snow Sticks!

Snow is finally sticking to the grass, the sidewalks, and the street.  Or at least at 7:14 am it’s sticking.  It’s still flurrying out but I cleaned off my part of the side-walk earlier (Or really, not my part but the part in front of my apartment plus a little more to be nice).  It’s beautiful here, snow softly falling on the little layer that’s already on the ground while the Christmas lights in the green shine merrily.  It’s particularly beautiful in the early morning stillness.  While I love the beautiful snow, I can’t help but cringe a little that it’s getting to be that time of year when snow will become a hindrance.  The big move to a new apartment that is an hour away takes place this weekend, and final exams begin next week.  I was hoping to at least get through the move and hopefully finals without having to start worrying about ice and snow accumulation but hopefully it will stay manageable until then.  I’ve also been absolutely itching to wear my new winter boots but I don’t think this tiny amount of snow and temperatures in the twenties and thirties Fahrenheit really call for them though. I may wear them anyway to cheer up from the imminence of the end of class, moving, and finals (etc).


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