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One class and Two Exams

That’s what separates me from holiday break now that I’ve finished my note. For those who don’t know, as a staff member on either Law Review or Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (VJEL) your required to write a note, a 25 page comment with at least 100 footnotes and 25 sources, on a topic of your choosing. Our completed first drafts, in publishable quality are due on the last day of classes. So as always, I procrastinated until last week. And 18 hours before the deadline, 27 pages, 197 footnotes, and 71 sources later my first draft is done. It feels good for now, but I know there is still tons of work to be done on it until it’s where I want it to be. But for now it will have to wait.

Tomorrow is the end of classes party which is one of the best events of the year. Two words: chocolate fountain. Enough said, right? Followed by Specific Performance, VLS’s bi-annual talent show of sorts. It’s a must attend. Ridiculously talented dancers, incredible musicians, hilarious skits, and there’s beer. And then, rounding out the night, a performance at Crossroads by Will Tucker and the Tortfeasors. Yes they are as awesome as the name ensues. So after the busiest semester yet, I fully intend on celebrating the end of classes. For now, exams will have to wait.


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