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Posters posters everywhere

So I have a bit of an unconventional way of studying. I’m not sure where I picked it up or why, but I’m at my best surrounded by poster boards. I’m talking walls lined with poster boards. It’s been this way since first semester. It just works for me. The poster boards that are beginning to line the walls are for my Criminal Law exam. It’s a take home that can be downloaded anytime after tomorrow and has to be handed in by the 22nd. I learned last year that I do my best treating my take home like an in class exam. So I’ll be studying until Thursday or Friday and then I’ll take it, proof read it, and hand it in. Then the poster boards that were criminal law will be turned over and turned into study aids for Legal Profession. That’s my biggest wild card class this semester. The exam is a week from today. So I’ll spend from Friday until Tuesday studying for that class. Maybe with a little left over time for blogging…


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