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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Living the Vermont life

Put this story in the “this isn’t the typical law student experience” box. My husband and I bought a house here in Vermont once I made the decision to attend law school here. We figured we’d get in on the big tax credit for first time home buyers, and since the real estate market was […]

An Arctic Blast..

That is what the weather people have been calling this weekends weather. As I write this my thermometer reads 8 below. And from what I’ve been hearing, it’s only getting lower tonight. In fact, when my alarm goes off for class in the morning it’s supposed to be -23, feels like -40. I can not […]

on complaining and gratitude

My earliest class this semester is a 9:55 class on Friday.  This offers a challenge to resist the temptation to sleep in most days.  I have been getting up at 8, but 7 would be better. I set my alarm for 7, but snooze for an hour, indulging in disjointed dream sequences, the last few […]

Three day weekends

How delicious, a new semester, on the other half of the march towards completing a JD! The weekend has been a cold beautiful, bright sunny days with a clear chill. Three day weekends at the beginning of the semester are perhaps sweeter than a few weeks of vacation.  No nerves about catching up on assignments, […]

Back into the Grove

I have just finished my first week of the second semester of law school, but for me, this is the actual beginning.  When I first got here, I had no idea what the modus operandi of law school education entails.  I was merely getting along and absorbing what was offered socially and academically.  Like a […]

An almost snow day

So today was the first day back to classes. It happened to coincide with the first major snow storm of the year. It brought 6 inches by the time I was ready to leave for school. What it did not bring was the snow day I had been hoping for. I braved the elements in […]

Getting ready for the fourth semester

As the end of winter break begins to loom over my head, I’m excited for what my fourth semester at VLS will bring. Making it over the halfway mark truly feels like an accomplishment. This feels like the first time I’ve got total control over my schedule and I’m really excited for my class selection. […]