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Getting ready for the fourth semester

As the end of winter break begins to loom over my head, I’m excited for what my fourth semester at VLS will bring. Making it over the halfway mark truly feels like an accomplishment.

This feels like the first time I’ve got total control over my schedule and I’m really excited for my class selection. I’m most excited to take Federal Courts. I’m also especially excited that I have no classes on Fridays.

I’m hoping this semester will be less stressful then the last three. There truly is an incredibly steep learning curve. When I look back at the days before my first semester and reflect on the new things I’ve learned, the amazing friends I’ve made, the incredible professors who’ve peaked my interest in so many new areas of law and of life, I feel truly lucky to be attending VLS. It really is a one 0f kind place filled with one in a million people. Here’s to all the exciting and unknown things this semester has to offer.


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