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Back into the Grove

I have just finished my first week of the second semester of law school, but for me, this is the actual beginning.  When I first got here, I had no idea what the modus operandi of law school education entails.  I was merely getting along and absorbing what was offered socially and academically.  Like a real lion, my nick name, I was observing my territory.  The jungle was waving but I couldn’t distinguish actual threats from mere breeze.  Having looked East, West, North and South, I have found myself in the middle of the law school cardinal point.  Now I know the direction of the wind and I can recognize actual threat and float with the wind that comes along.

Though South Royalton is now covered in snow, the spirit seems high.  Everyone seem to have gotten over the crisis of Exams and returned with renewed vigor to face the challenges ahead.  The homeworks are piling again, but we are still smiling and looking forward to the upcoming January fests.  At this pace, I am beginning to think that every month at VLS has a festive week endowed to it.  I have no problem with that!

The only negative aspect of the winter so far is that the infamous green scooter is off the road.  I miss cruising down the road and waving at smiley folks, and just chilling on the ride.  But no despair, a few months shall pass and the ‘concord’ will hit the road again.  I am looking forward to the reactions of summer Harley Davidson tough guns.  I must say, my scooter has extraordinary self-esteem and I will put their fancy wheels to swizzle.

I am glad to be back into the vigor of life here.  I miss my contracts class with David Firestone and the dramatic tortfeasors I studied with Professor Stephanie Farrior.   In any case, property is already appearing to reveal some rather strange interactions between man and the jungle.  We have already covered foxes and ducks.  I am looking forward to the appearance of the lion into the scene.  At that stage I would be in control.


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