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Three day weekends

How delicious, a new semester, on the other half of the march towards completing a JD!

The weekend has been a cold beautiful, bright sunny days with a clear chill.

Three day weekends at the beginning of the semester are perhaps sweeter than a few weeks of vacation.  No nerves about catching up on assignments, VT winter inviting you.  Friends and I went cross-country skiing yesterday and had a blast.  This morning, after a long and fruitful sleep, I take my time getting ready for a day at the library, enjoying a strong coffee and stretching my sore arms and legs.

Winter in Vermont: should you be concerned?  Personally, I take great comfort in winter.  This partly has to do with being of Michigan stock, with a family that scorned the humidity of summer.  But even if you come from Florida, or the prettiest of tropical islands, I think you could still find value in a New England winter.

Get up early and make yourself a tea or coffee.  If it is early in the semester, and you have done all your homework (or have the whole day to do it), read something for pleasure.  Write a letter.  Organize a corner of your apartment that you have been too overwhelmed to address previously.  Call someone who you normally don’t because they tend to want to talk for a long time.  Read from several sources about a current event.  Listen to an album that you fell in love with years ago and remember why you did so in the first place.  Think of all the cool things you are going to do this semester.  Come to peace with something that has been eating at you for a while.

It is really cold outside, but that does not have to mean the end of the world, or your sanity.

But be sure to go out and enjoy the days that are slowly growing longer.  You can rent snowshoes and skis for free at the library, tramp around, get lost in the season – inside your head, your house, or out.


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