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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Oh, sleet

Spring break is almost here!  March is almost here!   Town Meeting day is almost here! I am ridiculously excited. I need this time off from school to do work for…  school.  I need to work on learning course material and feeling more confident in what I have learned.  I need tomorrow to work on an […]

Talking Swans

These past few weeks I am reminded one of the many reasons I chose VLS: the opportunity to hear amazing people speak about the environment and social justice. I really enjoyed the VLS symposium. Capital punishment and crimlaw are not really my “thing,” but it was interesting to hear the issues raised and talk openly […]

Reblaw 2011

This weekend I am going to my second Reblaw conference at Yale law school.  Of all the conferences I have been to since arriving at VLS, Reblaw is by far the most inspiring one. For those who come to law school to further social justice, the grind of traditional legal education can be brainwashing and […]

busy busy busy

The second year, they work you to death. I have been avoiding death by saying “no.”  No to new responsibilities, no to nights at the bar when I should be reading, no to involving myself in needless drama. It is quite liberating, this word. Do not get me wrong: say “yes” a lot, especially when […]


So in an effort to blog about the great balance between law and life in Vermont I dedicate this post to all things non academic. So in an effort to be more Vermont I attempted snowboarding, the timeline is below and is fairly typical of all beginners: day 1:  entire day=EPIC fail, spent most of […]


So its been a while, I have been busy with law school wouldn’t know it.  Actually, this semester is off to a fantastic start, if you ever ever have the opportunity I highly recommend working for one of our campus clinics. Now, you can go to their web pages to get their shpiel, but the […]

If Love Were

Let me start by saying that I am trying to be a bugging lawyer not a sober poet, so if you don’t like this poem, well, happy valentine’s anyway.  But if you do, then keep loving day by day. If love were in a day I would ask the creator for a thousand more To […]


I think that what they say about law school is true – within your first year they scare you to death and within your second year they work you to death! I feel like I have never had to do this much reading and writing in my life. We also received more guidance last year. […]

How to Save Money and Time, Suggestions

The ABA Law Student Division recently published 50 Ways to do More in Less Time in its Student Lawyer publication. The sectional titles include: “Time Management,” “Save Money,” “Managing Your Email,” “Smartphones,” and so forth. I have scrimped and scraped money my entire life and have been very proud of this fact. Now in law […]


Last winter it barely snowed. This winter: I have already had to shovel my back deck at least 20 times My car has gotten stuck in a snow bank thanks to the icy roads The tempt. alarm has gone off twice because the house temp has gone below 50 degrees The snow in the yard […]