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Winter’s Commute

I now live roughly 50 minutes away from school, and began making that drive during finals last semester.  One of the first things that I discovered was how enchanting the drive is.  The windy road going through the mountains and trees while along the river offers breathtaking views just after a snowfall.  I especially love to see snow clinging to trees.  Usually I don’t even get to look around very much as a driver rather than a passenger.  While winter is beautiful, it’s starting to also get irritating.

My car has not started since the cold snap that dipped into the negative twenties.  The battery is fine, but something else is wrong.  We tried to have it towed out yesterday but the flatbed truck got stuck on our unplowed, unpaved driveway.  Once we got it free we all agreed it was safer to just give up for the day.  The driveway was then plowed that evening, and by this morning it needs plowing again.

Recently, my boyfriend’s car almost didn’t pass inspection and we discovered that we should aim to replace it this year.  I’ve been driving his car to school since mine stopped working.  Luckily, we were given a snow day yesterday for about six inches of snow.  The same amount of snow came down in time for today’s commute as well, but school didn’t even offer a delayed opening.  On the way in today, on the pretty but windy road, the car slid in to a snow bank as a result of the messy road.  A commuting friend stopped to check on how I was, which was very kind of her.  Eventually the car got pulled out of the snow bank (I got to ride in the car as it was pulled, wheee) but the tow hook poked a hole in the rim, giving me a flat tire.  The driver was nice enough to offer to replace the rim and is looking for one today.  I drove home on the doughnut (definitely was not going to make it to South Royalton that way) at such a slow speed that the traffic building up behind me was probably fairly agitated.  Thankfully, I am fine and the car is too (I think??).  While I’m glad about that, I’m not thrilled with school’s bizarre choices (I believe we have had one or two slightly delayed openings, and a couple of early closures that were actually not early enough to do anyone very much good….) and am not looking forward to commuting for the remainder of this winter as well as for two more.  Hopefully Punxsutawney Phil will be correct regarding an early spring (and a delayed or mild summer).


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