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Last winter it barely snowed.

This winter:

  • I have already had to shovel my back deck at least 20 times
  • My car has gotten stuck in a snow bank thanks to the icy roads
  • The tempt. alarm has gone off twice because the house temp has gone below 50 degrees
  • The snow in the yard has risen to my waist, so cleaning off the satellite dish (which is located in the woods) is an experience
  • I LOVE skiing at Killington on the fresh powder every chance that I get
  • I have had four full on snowball fights
  • We have moose prints in the snow outside the house
  • We have gotten a full snow day – an entire day off!

I guess when it comes down to it, I LOVE the snow we have gotten 🙂 Now, I wonder if we are really going to get another foot tonight . . .


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