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Reblaw 2011

This weekend I am going to my second Reblaw conference at Yale law school.  Of all the conferences I have been to since arriving at VLS, Reblaw is by far the most inspiring one.

For those who come to law school to further social justice, the grind of traditional legal education can be brainwashing and dispiriting, leaving one starved for discussions and examples of folks who are doing creative and groundbreaking legal work.  Especially during the first year, when there is less opportunity to choose your own academic pursuits and class discussion is limited to the nuts and bolts and not questioning the law, events like Reblaw remind one that not everyone who gets a JD gives up on fighting.

Not only are there great panels, the conference attracts awesome people, including old friends from other law schools.  We go to similar events, and I have come to enjoy our conference reunions as we support each other in our academic and professional pursuits.

Here is to another awesome weekend.


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