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So in an effort to blog about the great balance between law and life in Vermont I dedicate this post to all things non academic.

So in an effort to be more Vermont I attempted snowboarding, the timeline is below and is fairly typical of all beginners:

day 1:  entire day=EPIC fail, spent most of morning on bum in snow, most of afternoon spent on back in snow


10AM get out on snow

11 AM: Succeesssss!!! first complete run without fall

4PM: EPIC wipeout, caught my front edge

5PM: Dartmouth Emergency Room for wrist injury

9PM: Home with ace and ice pack and advice to take it easy

Sadly I have not been back since classes really started up, I plan to do some over spring break, with wrist guards.

Also in an effort to be in Burlington and have fun I attended Wynterfest, law prom, cheesy in concept, brilliant in practice.  Dress, check; gaggle of amazing friends, check;  good times, rolling. It gave up the opportunity to clean up and unwind and also see Burlington.

Boston: failed attempt due to fantastic snowstorm

Fantastic Snowstorm days: these are what makes Vermont so Vermont-y. You can get some serious snowshoeing, sledding, hot cocoa binges in. Plus Vermont is not made of steel, so school does close which means between all of the above you can fit in a mid-afternoon nap. Perfect.


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