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Talking Swans

These past few weeks I am reminded one of the many reasons I chose VLS: the opportunity to hear amazing people speak about the environment and social justice. I really enjoyed the VLS symposium. Capital punishment and crimlaw are not really my “thing,” but it was interesting to hear the issues raised and talk openly about the merits and pitfalls of our system and what we can do to fix it. Definitely and eye-opener.

But the kicker for me was Bill McKibben!!!!! Such a dynamic speaker. He could talk doom and gloom for an hour and in 5 minutes move you to activism.

It reminds me that I have a voice, its meant to be heard and I can make it happen.

And to top it off, Vermont decided it was spring today,  just the type of weather to get me through the rest of February and March.

Now  just need to master the art of this “networking” to take actual advantage of the visitors to VLS.


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