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Oh, sleet

Spring break is almost here!  March is almost here!   Town Meeting day is almost here!

I am ridiculously excited.

I need this time off from school to do work for…  school.  I need to work on learning course material and feeling more confident in what I have learned.  I need tomorrow to work on an assignment due later in the week.   I also need to work on applications for an internship and related positions.  I need spring to arrive for a safer commute to and from school.   On that note, today’s commute dragged out rather long as a result of the sleet, rain, and snow and made me drowsy for my first class.   I’m wondering how other people fared today; I’ve already heard of others having trouble.  My posts have been rather inane lately, but it’s all that I’ve felt capable of.  Maybe the break will help rejuvenate me into performing like a normal person again, at the least I can hope for that happening.  I’m also excited for when prospective fall class offerings will be released, I want to know what I’ll be taking, who my permanent adviser will be, etc.  Yay!  Excitement!  Stay upbeat!  Make it through!  Or at least pretend.


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